Changing Lives Through the Power of Work

On-the-job Training

At Goodwill SJV, we provide employment and training opportunities to assist people with employment barriers to become self-sufficient, working members of our community.

  • Employment Supports: Goodwill SJV provides accredited Community Employment Services (CES) to individuals with disabilities.  For more information on our Work Services Program, call 209-466-2311, ext. 1005, and speak to our Mission Services Manager.
  • Career Development Training: Goodwill SJV offers upskill training opportunities to our employees in order to learn and earn a family-sustaining wage and advance from having a job to having a career.
  • For example,
    Sample Career Pathway - Management Skills Path
  • Whether it’s a first job or a second chance to get into the workforce, Goodwill SJV believes in The Power of Work to change lives! For on-the-job opportunities, click on the tab at the top of the page that says Jobs.

The Power of Work

It's about having a chance, not charity.

It's about feeding your family with money that's earned.

It's about having a job.

It's about the self-respect that comes with a paycheck

It's about lowering crime by raising job skills.

It's about helping children by hiring their parents.

It's about reducing welfare by increasing work opportunities.

It's about a job that pays real wages.

To support and strengthen real families.

Yeah, it's about having a job.

And that's what we're all about.

Work Services Annual Report 2023